Attracting potential customers in the native way

Marketers aim for results but for some people, traditional advertising campaigns may not pay off. Traditional digital media advertisements such as online banner ads are simply not the cup of tea for people who have antipathy towards advertising.

Native advertising, which refers to ad content that follows the similar format as other content on the site where the ad is placed in, may be the solution.

According to Yahoo, compared to traditional display, native ads lift brand-related searches up to 3.6x. Yahoo’s native advertising, namely Stream Ads, deliver the key metrics of boosting brand awareness, reaching and engaging target customers, as well as stimulating purchase.

Yahoo’s Stream Ads help boost brand awareness as the ads appear in content streams of Yahoo’s popular properties and apps, as well as across premium partners and apps within their syndication network.

Served across consumers’ desktops, tablets and smartphones, Yahoo Stream Ads allow precise targeting options (audience demographics, interests, location and the category of user’s business) to ensure that advertisers’ ads reach the right target audience.

Containing both images, videos and text, Yahoo Stream Ads, are embedded in the news feeds of users blending seamlessly with the site content, thus more likely to be read and engaged with.

[caption id="attachment_144660" align="alignnone" width="700"]Native Ads blend seamlessly with the site content. Native Ads blend seamlessly with the site content.[/caption]

Watabe Wedding HK limited, one-stop wedding planner established in Japan since 1953, is one of the many advertisers who have reaped the benefits from Yahoo Stream Ads.

Serving as its creative and media agency since 2010, New iMedia Solutions limited, kicked off the Stream Ads campaign for Watabe from 2014. The agency devised a Trifold Strategy comprising creative title and description, eye-catching images and Ad targeting strategies for Watabe and their Stream ad campaign turned out to be a great success.

Watabe’s campaign results outperformed the industry’s average drawing high website traffic and sales leads. The number of enquiries they received increased by 8% while sales volume rose 10% in the campaign period.Having delivered outstanding campaign results for Watabe, New iMedia’s digital expertise was recognised with the “Best Native Ad Award (Outstanding)” at “Yahoo Big Idea Chair Awards 2015″.

Having delivered outstanding campaign results for Watabe, New iMedia’s digital expertise was recognised with the “Best Native Ad Award (Outstanding)” at “Yahoo Big Idea Chair Awards 2015″.

Watabe's wedding planner Suki Wong said, “With the help of New iMedia, we took advantage of Yahoo Stream Ads, our brand image was highlighted, thus attracting more target customers to our website. Stream Ads will be the top priority in promoting our campaigns.”

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"We are committed to being our customers’ preferred digital marketing partner and we strive to deliver measurable results for customers riding on the latest digital media trends, and Yahoo Stream Ads are most certainly under the spotlight driving performance metrics," said Sandy Ho, senior vice president of sales, marketing & operations at New iMedia.

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