ATLASPACE rolls out new microfilm with Edison Chen to promote working space

ATLASPACE has launched a new brand campaign “ATLASPACE, Your Space for Success”, with a new microfilm featuring celebrity entrepreneur Edison Chen.

The new campaign reiterated three core elements of ATLASPACE - wander, wonder and work to showcase ATLASPACE’s work space allows entrepreneurs to build and find business opportunities, create great success in life.

It rolled out a new microfilm featuring celebrity entrepreneur Edison Chen to share his journey of building his business, talk about challenges and obstacles he has encountered, and encourage the younger generation to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams to create a bright future.

In the microfilm, Edison Chen was the main character “Gao Qiao” to demonstrate how ATLASPACE provided “space” for him to realise his dream and expand the business to build his “success”.

In addition to showcasing work space and community space, the microfilm also introduced the living space elements in China (with the brand name “ATLAS”) with sports facilities and F&B outlets for members to relieve their stress and energise their mind and body to build their “success”.

The integrated marketing channels of this brand campaign included ads on tramways in Hong Kong, Citybus bodies, bus shelters, OOH and a launch event.

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Located at Harbour City, the co-working space offers a 3,000 square feet community space for business executives to organise events. Facebook launched the #SheMeansBusiness workshops at ATLASPACE and invited successful female entrepreneurs including Laurinda Ho, founder of Smile with us HK, and Sharon Cheung, CEO of Yijie Communications Ltd., to share how they have built their successful businesses. New World Development also used the ATLASPACE’s community space to organise its recent WeCreate workshop with Steven Lam, co-founder of GoGoVan.