Astro’s promotion of product comes under scrutiny from MCMC after public complaints

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) conducted an investigation into public complaints about the content of promotional products on the Gegar Vaganza 5 Concert programme broadcasted on Astro Ria channel. In a statement, MCMC said the promotional products allegedly poked fun at the skin and faces of the people at the concert.

On 7 November, Astro attended a meeting with MCMC to explain the details of the incident and the precautions and corrective actions taken. Astro and the sponsors have since released an apology during the programme broadcast on 11 November. Astro also pre-recorded any segments involving the programme’s major sponsors as a precautionary measure, to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

MCMC has let off Astro with a warning to Astro to ensure similar incidents to not occur again.

In 2016, Astro’s MeleTOP, also apologised for a parody video of Yuna and Usher’s song collaboration called “Crush”.  This followed a social media uproar criticising the parody for featuring an actor with “blackface” makeup posing as American singer Usher.

The video saw a woman portraying Yuna bowing in front of the “blackface” comedian, instead of hugging which Yuna copped flak for recently at a concert with Usher. Twitter users have been quick to criticise the entertainment show for giving a bad name to Malaysians, with some even urging the local singer to take action against the programme for the racist content.

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