Astro records growth

Astro has achieved a double digit revenue growth of 13% at RM2.3billion for the first six months of the financial year ending 31 January 2014.

In addition, it achieved a 12% EBITDA growth of RM785.5million.

It also continues to offer effective reach for advertisers leveraging on its strong TV and radio viewership.

Astro's Adex grew by 15% to RM270 million with its share of TV Adex growing to 30% and share of Radex logging in a 55% growth.

Dato' Rohana Rozhan, chief executive officer of Astro said, Astro is executing well against plan and its focus remains to deliver relevant content, value and an increasingly comprehensive customer experience.

"Today Astro is an integrated cross media platform, providing our customers with access to content wherever they maybe, and our advertisers with an increasing reach to consumers."

Its products and services serve both the pay and free TV segments.

Q2FY14 saw the Pay TV customer base increased by 43k to 3.36million and NJOI customers rise by 50kto 314k, bringing Astro's total customer base to 3.67million.

The number of customers on Astro B.yond increased by 290k to 2.47million representing 74% of total Pay TV customers.