Astro Malaysia launches documentary channel

In a tie up with Singapore-based Moving Visuals International, Astro Malaysia has launched a new channel Spark Asia.

The channel, which will go live in the first half of 2015, will offer a wide variety of exclusive Asian and global HD content. In addition, it aims to empower the local community of producers and filmmakers by offering an alternative platform to showcase their documentaries and also drive training initiatives.

Rohana Rozhan, CEO of Astro Malaysia said, “With the growing interest in Asian content, there is a huge opportunity in Asian factual content that resonates not only with audiences in Asia but around the world. In line with our strength in the creation of IPs and content brands we believe that the aggregation of Asian-centric stories and factual content in an Asian branded documentary channel is timely and has tremendous potential. This joint venture with like-minded partners enables Astro to take a stake in content that will resonate in Asia and around the world.”

Galen Yeo, director of Moving Visuals International (MVI): "As the world’s most populous continent, Asia has long deserved a channel to harness its thriving diversity of culture, history, people and stories. We are pleased to work together with Spark GmbH and Astro on this landmark venture to promote Asian documentary filmmaking, and provide producers a unique platform that will support and promote their work to audiences all across Asia. Spark Asia welcomes opportunities to collaborate and work together with storytellers from around Asia and the world."

Patrick Hoerl, CEO of SPARK GmbH: “Being close to our viewers´ lives and hearts has always been at the core of the SPARK brand. We can only deliver on that promise, if we team up with the best experts in our business in each region we operate in. It´s hard to think of better partners than Astro and Moving Visuals for a truly Asian channel.”