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Streaming platform Tamago ceases ops across Southeast Asia

Live streaming platform Tamago, created in partnership between Astro and Chinese e-sports platform Huomao, will cease operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam by 31 December 2018. This is nearly a year after its official launch last December.

Tamago targets Millennials and focuses on localised user generated content. According to a statement on Tamago’s website, it was a “difficult decision” to close down and there are “many reasons” behind this conclusion.

In an exclusive statement to A+M, a spokesperson from Tamago said for the past year, Tamago has provided fans with great entertainment, with an average monthly user of 5.9 million in October 2018. “We are truly humbled by the passion and support of all fans. It’s been a privilege to serve our fans. Again, we’d like to extend our sincere thanks to all our users and streamers who have made Tamago great throughout its period.”

“Suffice to say, the business has been challenging and it is commercially unfeasible for us to continue operating under the current circumstances,” the statement read. The Tamago team also thanked the passion and support of fans, adding that it has been a “privilege to work tirelessly and endlessly to deliver [fans] joy and delight around the clock”.

The purchase of T-coins will cease immediately while functions such as gifting will end on 7 December. Meanwhile, other functions will be phased out over the next few weeks, the statement read. The live streaming platform garnered more than 150,000 users from Southeast Asia during its soft launch last October.

Tamago enables viewers to explore interactive features such as live streaming, gifting including virtual spending, real time interactions and creation of content. It also offers users access to exclusive live gaming and video content such as Office War, eGG Clan and many other DotA 2 majors and minors from eGG Network.

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