ASL wins five Mob-Ex Awards for Red Cross HK Blood App

ASL swept up an impressive number of awards at the Mob-Ex Awards on Wednesday (27 March) night in recognition of its HK Blood App.

Due to unsatisfactory local blood donation rates, the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) had entrusted Automated System (H.K.) Limited (ASL) to develop the HK Blood app. The app would make donating blood easier and more attractive by adding booking tools and incorporating gamification elements.

ASL understood that throughout the year, donors had often failed to make an appointment for blood donation, and had difficulty locating donation centres easily. To tackle this, the HK Blood app includes a booking function with which donors can secure a time slot at a preferred donation centre.

The app also showcases colourful charts which inform users as to the level of blood inventories. This function serves as an alert to inform the public that BTS may need more donors during a particular period.

Apart from its functionality, ASL also aims at sustaining donors’ interest and cultivating loyalty towards blood donation. Therefore, the creative force behind this project has created a game titled, “Friend Village".

A donor’s blood-type character will be collected at each blood donation. For example, if you have donated type A blood, you will gain a type A blood cartoon villager. To encourage spread, a friend’s blood-type villager will also be collected when a friend accepts a donation invitation and shares their villager to you!

Designed in a cartoon style with different character types, this app offers a fun gaming experience to strengthen the practice of regular blood donation and lessens fears of the blood donation process. The app also encourages users to share their village or achievement to different social media platforms, attracting their friends to find out more of the app.

The Mob-Ex Awards judges were as impressed with the work as the public. The campaign was bestowed  Gold for Best App - Customer Engagement, Best App - Branded Content, Best Mobile-based Launch/ Relaunch, and Best Social Media Strategy. The campaign also won a Bronze for Best Original Content.

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