Asians #hooked on Netflix

In an extensive social media campaign across Asia, video streaming giant Netflix asks us what it is that gets us hooked on certain TV shows. Tastes are bound to differ among its 83 million subscribers, which is why the company has released or renewed close to a hundred original series, films, stand-up comedy features and other media this year.

While new research from Netflix shows that audiences tend to get hooked on certain series at the same time regardless of country or background, this campaign highlights the different things that audiences enjoy in their entertainment. Action? Gore? Comedy? They've got you covered.

In the Hong Kong edition of the ad, blockbuster drama series such as Breaking Bad, horror series Bates Motel and the newly rebooted Scream, as well as gut-wrenching Narcos are featured, while the Singapore edition highlights political thriller House of Cards in addition to some of the aforementioned series.