#AsiaeCommerceAwards highlight: Friso's move to solidify its brand story on eCommerce platforms


Winning the bronze for Best eCommerce Campaign – B2C at MARKETING INTERACTIVE’s Asia eCommerce Awards 2020 is ClickMedia with its clients Friso for the campaign “Rescue summer with Friso”. First introduced in the 1960s, Friso has grown to be a leading global infant nutrition brand available in over 25 countries. However, Friso’s number one ranking on Lazada is being challenged in addition to a decrease in share of voice. In light of the situation, ClickMedia knew that it is crucial for Friso to acquire new customers and increase its brand awareness by dialing up Friso’s attributes. 


In Vietnam, mum and baby is a highly competitive category with low consumer loyalty. On the ecommerce front, the fight is even more ferocious as each player attempts to attract consumers with attractive deals, promotions and add-ons. With the absence of a strong connection between Friso and its consumers, the journey towards winning the e-commerce battle and mum’s trust via dominance in talkability for Friso was met with three main challenges.

  1. Friso was losing its customer base on Lazada due to a change in the marketplace’s investment strategy.  Previously, the team had been heavily financially backing up mega sales campaigns and free shipping offers. However, with the halt of this investment also came a huge drop in users across the entire marketplace.
  1. Friso’s biggest competitor also opened a price war with massive discounts.
  1. Friso lacked a strong and compelling integrated brand presence across marketplaces. 


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there were very limited summer activities for mums and babies. Recognising this as an opportunity, ClickMedia created a creative idea "Rescue Summer" allowing mums and kids to have limitless fun by offering them an exclusive collection of mom and baby essentials and opportunities for great fun via various activities. 

Integrating the creative idea whilst solidifying Friso’s brand story on eCommerce, ClickMedia designed a “one commerce strategy” where commerce sat at the core of Friso’s connected brand offerings, giving consumers an innovative “Friso Connected Brand Experience”. The HEAR-SEE-CONSIDER-BUY loop of experience relentlessly delighted consumers with insightful and relevance-fueled creativity.

From the moment customers hear about it, until the moment they see the deals, and head on to consider buying after checking reviews, prices, comments, and finally click to buy - the loop of experience was thoughtfully designed and optimised. In total, 300 creative assets were designed with MOBILE-FIRST approach across consumer touchpoints and adapted 24/7 to assure the best consumer responses and conversion rate.

Lazada was chosen as the strategic platform to launch the campaign. ClickMedia designed the Super Brand Day on Lazada to have 01 D-Day only supported with 9 days of teasing. With mobile screens becoming the new user shopping interface, ClickMedia strategically prioritised Lazada mobile app amongst Lazada’s digital ecosystem. The campaign was further supported by Tiki (marketplace platform).

On Lazada, ClickMedia created a "Passport of Experiences" for Friso – a limited time promotional gift designed for the super brand day campaign - a booklet of special deals exclusive for Friso mums that stepped out of the box of conventional mom and baby essential deals. ClickMedia partnered with a range of brands and services to offer plenty of opportunities for mums and babies to explore the world, creating an unforgettable and never-before-seen summer of experiences.

Agility, craftsmanship and boldness were the three principles guiding ClickMedia’s content crafting for this campaign. For Lazada, a marketplace known for shoppertainment, the content created was both entertaining in its nature and spoke to mums and babies while accounting for the seasonal factor of COVID-19 and the changes in shopping behaviour that it brought about.

ClickMedia boosted Friso’s visibility and dominated the marketplaces with a plethora of dynamic visuals (product page/ in app game/ category page/ affiliates: homepage/ app mall/ main campaign page/ shop in shop/ CRM).

Utilising the four birds one stone approach, ClickMedia covered the entire consumer journey in one piece of content, by creating the need for “The passport” then immediately converting consumers to action (click to buy) at the same time. On Lazada, over 300 assets were created in 10 days and as for Tiki, 120 assets were created in five days.

In terms of tactical executions, ClickMedia deployed:

  • Chatbot and media ads: Creative assets were updated dynamically every day of the campaign and even hourly on the Super Brand Day to increase relevancy and optimise precision targeting of its messaging.
  • Attractive, unmissable engaging activities tailor-made for each marketplace liveshopping series “Tips for a Summer Full of Experiences” on Lazada and liveshopping series “Tips & Tricks to Save Summer” on Tiki
  • Influencers: As an icon of the campaign, the beloved hot baby influencer Xoài brought in massive traffic and valuable testimonial to convince mums to purchase our hot deals.
  • Seasonal content with seasonal insights such as COVID-19 taking away our “normal” summer


Following the journey of hear-see-consider-buy, the key strategic channels selected for this campaign were: marketplaces (Lazada, Tiki), social media (Facebook), GDN and people commerce (KOLs, micro-influencers).

Consumers could “hear” about Friso’s Super Brand Day on Lazada from other mums’ chit-chat on their most visited digital hang-out places, or ad formats proven as the most effective on mobile for Friso’s attributes exploration and traffic acquisition.


When customers “saw” our deals, ClickMedia made sure that Friso could win them within three seconds across all digital touchpoints, either via creative assets with the most innovative formats across ads networks, or a mention in a KOL post. When mums discovered the full deal across the e-commerce platform, the campaign always stood out in terms of the “What’s in it for me” message from consumers’ perspective and dominated in terms of visibility.

During the “consider” phase when mums check for reviews, they would be approached by other mums’ sharing; if they wanted to ask about the prices or the promotion schemes, they would be advised by Friso chatbot; if they wanted to explore further, they could join Friso KOLs’ unboxing activities.

A liveshopping series supported by Lazada’s mobile app-exclusive technology to convert on the spot and the most convenient “Place order” flow across devices were designed for “buy” phase to secure the biggest bill and minimal drop-rate. The whole journey from seeing the deal to the completion of placing order could be seamlessly finished within a few thumb tabs.

Innovative digital commerce tactics have been used on various key channels:

  1. Across Lazada platforms: ClickMedia focused on mobile UX to assure the best mobile interaction experiences with formats such as sliding banners. ClickMedia also studied thousands of banners that have the best Click-Through-Rate to identify strategic locations to place call-to-action messages and visuals.
  1. Liveshopping series on Lazada mobile app: Best deals were displayed whilst consumers were watching; both UX and UI were optimised based on mobile behaviours, which led to further engagement and conversions such as “Add Voucher to your order”, “Add to cart” right during the livestream. 
  1. On Facebook: All creative assets were designed using Facebook’s mobile-first creatives’ aspect ratio across ad placements. Facebook mobile-optimised ad formats was also utilised for consumers’ deal discovery.  For example, Facebook canvas, Facebook dynamics ads; for traffic acquisition such as carousel and for leads such as Facebook leads form.

  2. Chatbots were constantly optimised based on interactions with consumers. Friso chatbot not only acted as an advisor when consumers approached Friso on Fanpage and sent relevant and personalised information according to their needs either during their pregnancy or for their babies, it also proactively broadcasted deals and promotions that fit within their mobile screen with zero scrolling required and seamlessly navigated consumers to Lazada platforms for purchase. 
  1. Across ad networks creative assets were strategically designed for optimal mobile experiences either on mobile web or across mobile ad networks. 
  1. People commerce: It was key to leverage strategic WOM channels that could positively impact brand trust. ClickMedia turned to Mum communities with the support of sales sharing communities to drive trial. All WOM channels fulfilled two roles simultaneously: Communication (to build brand and product awareness and education) and Commerce (review/ rating with added visibility and trust in our target segment). 


Super brand day on Lazada campaign proved its success by having Friso being recognised as Number 1 in the mom and baby category on Lazada, and Friso’s absolute dominance in terms of share of voice during campaign period. This campaign also made history for FrieslandCampina Vietnam: for the very first time, they became a champion in sales target in one single day across ASEAN countries.

The campaign was also a very strong evidence that once a truly seamless consumers journey was designed, even under the conditions of a pandemic, e-Commerce platforms could unequivocally be an effective communication channel and experiences enabler beyond just playing a crucial role for demand conversion. The campaign was ranked first in share of voice during campaign period (20 July – 20 August 2020), with 150,000 social engagement across platforms that showed very strong purchase intent and brand love.

The actual Super Brand Day performance was almost 200% of the original ambitious sales target and of a total sales revenue in one month. It also achieved the biggest one-day mega in Gross Merchant Value since Jan-2019 for Friso on Lazada as well as the biggest Super Brand Day in Mom and baby category in Lazada history with a conversion rate of 260% over Lazada’s benchmark.