Asia City gets big boost for tablet platform

Following the recent relaunch of its tablet offering, Asia City has secured a full-year 52-issue advertising contract with Flight Centre for HK Magazine.

With tablet ownership in Hong Kong now the highest in the world, Cecilia Yee, Flight Centre’s marketing campaign manager said it made perfect sense to capture digitally savvy travelers on a tablet device.

"We see exciting business growth in a new generation of Hong Kong's digitally savvy travelers who want to book their travel online," she said. "So it made sense for us to engage this audience through tablets."

Flight Centre will publish its ads on HK Magzine tablet platforms including iPads and Android on a weekly basis from April.

Since launching its tablet magazine, HK Magazine has secured advertisers including Cotai Resorts, Belvedere, Sleep Naked, Revue Thommen and The Miramar Group.

"Hong Kong has the highest tablet ownership in the world so HK Magazine was destined for this platform," Greg Crandall, Asia City Group country manager, said.

"But an additional goal was to create an environment in which advertiser content is just as exciting as our publication," Greg Crandall, Asia City Group country manager, said.

"We wanted ads to be engaging, interactive and transactional so readers have a great experience."