Asatsu-DK scoops Maxim’s Dondonya first brand campaign launch

Two years after landing in the local market, Dondonya, the Hong Kong-based Japanese restaurant under the Maxim’s family, has picked advertising agency Asatsu-DK for its first branding campaign launch.

The campaign, which will run until the end of December, aims to introduce and market the profound meaning of its new category – Donburi (Japanese bowl rice) – to Hong Kong people, under the direction of becoming a Donburi expert.

An open truck with a gigantic Katsudon mock-up, together with a 500 Ib bowl and six-feet high hardwood chopsticks has been touring in some strategic locations until this weekend.

“Local people are growing into Donburi, but they know only a little about the culture behind it. This brand campaign is to bring out the uniqueness of the Japanese Donburi culture and to filter it down to the mass in a creative way,” said Yusuf Ismail, director of client services at Asatsu-DK Hong Kong.

A mix of mass and strategic location approaches has also been deployed on communications channels spanning print and MTR stations.

Karen Woo, head of marketing, Japanese Chain Restaurants, at Maxim’s Caterers Ltd, added: “Through the campaign, we will try to educate Hong Kong locals with a deeper meaning of Donburi cuisine, for instance, having ‘Katsudon’ (first picture) before an exam or important mission will give you luck, while taking ‘Oyakodon’ (second picture) will reinforce the parents and kids relationship.”


Client (Advertiser): Maxim’s Caterers HK Limited

Brand: Dondonya

Creative Agency: Asatsu-DK Hong Kong Ltd

Media: In-house

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