ASAS asks for feedback on social media guidelines

The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS), an advisory council to the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), is now seeking public inputs for the amended interactive marketing communication and social media guidelines.

This is to clarify some of the issues to the Digital and Social Media Advertising Guidelines that was conceptualised late last year to  address new issues in advertising that are not covered by the Code. The current consultation period runs until 17 June 2016.

Based on the comments that were received, ASAS has made amendments to the guideline including renaming it to “Interactive Marketing Communication and Social Media Guidelines” to better reflect the scope. Some other changes include ASAS merging the definition of ‘sponsored blog posts’ and ‘sponsored social media updates’ into ‘sponsored content’ to encompass the variety of social media content that could be sponsored.It has also redefined what commercial relationships mean and earned and owned media.

ASAS has merged the definitions of ‘social advertisement’, ‘social media advertising’, ‘social network advertisements’ and ‘socially enabled display advertisements’ into ‘social media marketing’. This reduces the number of terms used throughout the guidelines as suggested by commentators.

The changes can be reflected on the ASAS website.  ASAS is also inviting interested parties to submit written comments on the draft guidelines. All submissions should be clearly and concisely written, and should provide a reasonable explanation for any proposed revisions.

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