Are apps, mobile and data everything to digitalisation?

Hong Kong’s robust internet infrastructure and high mobile penetration rates make it a perfect hub for marketing digitalisation.

Revenues for online advertising and consumer spending have exceeded non-digital sources in the city since 2016.

Hong Kong is undeniably moving into the “experience business era” and it is becoming critically important to create outstanding customer experiences to cater to the more demanding needs of today’s customers.

But what is required for an experience business? Personalise the experience and make it relevant.

In Hong Kong, a growing number of brands have created their own apps to learn more about the behaviour of their customers by engaging with them. Those firms who are still not aware of the importance of personalised experiences and take the necessary actions will be left behind.

Getting to know your customers and amazing them with digital content in a highly personalised and contextual fashion will help build long-term relationships with them and eliminate the effort of delivering unnecessary messages to the wrong target group(s).

Personalisation is not a one-off process and will have to be continually reviewed as corporate strategies evolve.

Be everywhere. Customers nowadays have shorter attention spans than ever before. Be everywhere anytime your customers want to get in touch with you. Adobe’s Best of the Best research revealed that visit rates on each website have increased, but there is an overall decrease in engagement.

When mobile apps gain the most traction in the city, marketers can easily forget about improving their website which is also an important platform for your customers to reach out to you.

Interacting with the right audience at the right time on the right platform will optimise your firm’s marketing efforts.

Make sure you provide the same seamless and streamlined experience across websites, mobile apps, online portals and physical stores.

Be inspired by data. Hong Kong marketers are keen on collecting data. But don’t just collect data – leverage it wisely and purposefully. Having the ability to collect, process and analyse big data is the first and most important step. Use it to advance product development and marketing strategies in real-time based on behavioural patterns.

To take this a step further, you can use it to foresee the trends and potential needs of your target audience in Hong Kong and get a firm foothold in competitive markets.

After getting to know the importance of the above, how do you accomplish it?

Choose the right tool. It is crucial to select a one-stop solution that is supported by powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Adobe Experience Cloud, a comprehensive set of cloud services which integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud, is designed to give enterprises everything they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Comprised of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud, Experience Cloud is built on the Adobe Cloud Platform, leveraging Adobe Sensei’s machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

It combines cutting-edge solutions, a complete extensible platform, comprehensive data and content systems, an extensive partner ecosystem, and unique experience delivery expertise.

Source: Adobe

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