Apple's new ad for HomePod directed by Oscar winner Spike Jonze

In a new ad dubbed 'Welcome Home', Apple has enlisted Oscar-winning feature film and music video director Spike Jonze and British pop star FKA twigs to help shine an artful spotlight on its latest addition to the 'iFamily' - the HomePod.

Spike Jonze is best known for his directorial work on feature films such as Being John Malkovich, Where The Wild Things Are and Her (the latter of which won him the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay), but has a long history directing music videos and TVCs as well - including for Nike, IKEA and Levi's - making his latest foray more of a return to his roots rather than an exploration of unfamiliar territory for the director.

The ad opens on a dark and dreary night, with a young woman played by FKA Twigs coming home after a long day, looking down in the dumps. She stumbles through her apartment and plops herself down on the couch, her voice almost breaking as she shakily asks Siri to play her "something she likes". The HomePod complies and starts playing a custom track by popular artist Anderson .Paak, only available on Apple Music of course, to which the vulnerable-looking star starts dancing.

As the beat kicks in, the shots start changing - walls expand and colours collide in an almost magical symphony of dance, music, colour and artistic direction. In similar vein to Apple's other recent work, the ad features beautiful shots and great direction, and a relatable performance from the pop icon establishes strong brand association with lighting up the darkest moments of our days through music on demand. It ties in very neatly with Apple's positioning of its home assistant, which has a strong emphasis on great sound to differentiate from older competitors Alexa and Google Home.

The HomePod does not yet have a scheduled release date for Hong Kong, but is currently retailing in the US, Australia and the UK.