Apple puts up large posters of dancers to push AirPods Pro launch

Apple has unveiled a global campaign for the launch of its noise-cancelling AirPods Pro. A large-scale poster of individuals with AirPod Prods on and grooving to the beat hit the London, Shanghai and Tokyo stores. The new product, which features active noise cancellation and immersive sound in a lightweight, in-ear design, dropped yesterday in stores worldwide.

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The AirPod Pro was even marketed by CEO Tim Cook.?Cook has been stealthily stirring up buzz for the company?s newly-released AirPods Pro following a quiet update of his Twitter profile picture. If you missed it, well, you aren?t alone. The image is nearly identical to the one he had before, except for the subtle addition of AirPods Pro in Cook?s ear.

Apple fans have also been quick to share their first impressions of AirPods Pro on social media and most of them has to do with its shape. Featured among the memes include?Pokemon,?Star Wars,?Plants vs Zombies, and?Sesame Street?characters, which are said to bear an uncanny resemblance to the new product.

Recently, news broke of Apple?s?plans?to kill the?iTunes app and shortly after, the company wiped the content on iTunes app?s social media accounts. A search by?Marketing?then saw no posts left on iTunes? Facebook and Instagram accounts, although Twitter remains intact. Since, fans on Facebook appear to have been migrated over to Apple TV, which now boasts a 29.6 million following. Similarly, iTunes Instagram account is directing users to Apple TV in its bio for ?entertainment updates?.