Apple debuts a new TVC in China for CNY

Apple has released a new TVC on its official China website, aiming to engage the world’s largest population during Chinese New Year.

Titled “Old Record” with a tagline “Start Something New”, the 90-second commercial is a Chinese version of its last year’s holiday ad, launched in the United States called “The Song”.

The TVC features a young girl using Apple’s products to re-record and convert a vintage record sung by her grandmother into a iPad compatible format as a holiday present for her grandmother.

Collaborating with influential Asian filmmakers, including famous film director Ann Hui On-Wah, production designer William Chang Suk-Ping and cinematographer Christopher Doyle, the TVC is tailor-made for the China market by adding Chinese elements.

This showed Apple’s efforts to expand its presence in the country as China becomes an increasingly important market to the company.

According to the company’s Q1 2015 summary data report, sales in the Greater China region, which includes China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, rose 70% to US$16.1 billion, making China its second-biggest market, accounting for a big 21.6% of total revenues.

The company currently has 15 stores in mainland China. It plans to open five new stores in the country ahead of the Chinese New Year, with new Tianjin store set to open on February 7, 2015 following its recent openings in Zhengzhou, Hangzhou and Chongqing.