Can robot servants overcome marketers' biggest challenge?

The world is full of complex decisions and challenges that require resources to address adequately. This is as true of nature as it is of marketing. As the digital advertising market grows at a staggering rate, the complexities of decision making for marketers are also multiplied.

Big Data, one of the most important factors in the marketing world and elsewhere has become extremely crucial. Access to large sources of information present a challenge and an opportunity – whoever can make the most effective and timely use of Big Data to tackle our challenges will emerge as the leader. Making these accurate, real-time decisions, however, can be very resource intensive.

In fact, humans and machines have the potential to work together to face these challenges in an efficient manner, with humans directing the strategy and high-level planning, and machines helping to deal with the execution by handling numerical, real-time, multi-dimensional processes that help humans make decisions.

In the world of nature, we see how resources are used in a highly efficient manner through autonomous systems. Biological mechanisms are the most amazing machines.These biological machines, like our cells and organs, make a lot of real-time smart decisions to accomplish complex tasks. Successful examples of the application of biological mechanisms include automated manufacturing and distributed robot systems.

Our vision at Appier is to leverage the biological mechanism model to manage the complexity of cross-screen marketing. Companies that harness the power of AI and Big Data using proprietary AI solutions and smart machines can automatically learn from every new incoming piece of information collected from ongoing marketing campaigns. AI can make instant intelligent decisions, track campaign’s performance, effectively find the most valuable audiences in real-time and deliver continuously improved results for marketers.

As new devices, from mobiles to tablets to wearables are emerging at an incredible speed, marketers are in need of cross-screen marketing platforms to meet their campaign optimization needs. Cross-screen marketing solutions  allow business to reach their target audiences with full versatility across multiple screens and to deliver more effective results, faster decisions and actions, and boost ROI.

Globally, skilled data analysts are in high demand and short supply, and this is where the development of AI for optimized ad delivery will easily surpass the “human solution”.

The writer is Chih-Han Yu, CEO and co-founder, Appier.