An app to buy fruits and vegetables

Dole Asia Company, a producer and marketer of fruits and vegetables, has partnered with Mobext Asia Pacific, through its Philippine office, to launch DOLEivery—a mobile app that lets users shop for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Currently, DOLEivery is only available for download in Thailand while deliveries are limited within Bangkok. However, the brand is looking to launch the app in other countries across Asia.

DOLEivery marks the brand’s first push into mCommerce. Veronica Supetran, regional marketing executive of Dole Asia Company said the app’s main objective is to provide convenience to fruit shoppers:

“Instead of visiting the grocery to purchase fresh produce and go through the process of picking, packing, and weighing, we’re allowing our consumers to let us do it for them. Now they can simply order pre-packed, high quality fruits through their mobile devices and have it delivered straight to their doorstep! In other words, we’re bringing the fruit shopping experience to their homes,” she added.

Beyond convenience, the app also has a social thrust. Users can use DOLEivery to send customised fruit baskets, personalised with a greeting card for free and for any occasion.

Apart from fruits, the app also offers other Dole products such as organic brown rice, boiled peanuts, sweet tamarind, and even Yonanas—a machine which turns frozen fruit into a dessert that looks and tastes just like ice cream. App users can opt to pay right when the delivery is made, or via bank deposit.

Arthur Policarpio, managing director of Mobext Asia Pacific, said: “We’re happy that a brand such as Dole Asia is now exploring how mCommerce can benefit their business. The app puts Dole products straight into the hands of their customers, and it makes fruit shopping not only convenient but fun, too. They’re creating a buying experience that customers would want to repeat over and over again.”