#AOTYAwards Indonesia judges’ corner: What this P&G marketer is on the hunt for

Aldrich Gopal is the head of marketing for Procter & Gamble Indonesia, leading the brand operations team in Indonesia as well as the career development and planning for P&G Indonesia’s brand function.

He has over 10.5 years with Procter & Gamble’s brand management team and his experience spans different set of consumers, retailers and market dynamics across Asia – starting from the Philippines and quickly expanded to the rest of Asia Pacific – India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. He is also one of Marketing-Interactive’s coveted judges for Agency of the Year Indonesia.

Passionate about building up the talent pull in the market, he also leads the career development and planning for P&G Indonesia’s Brand Function where he aspires to groom what he calls, “breakthrough Indonesian talent” who can build brands in and out of Indonesia.

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 Marketing Interactive: Having been with the company for over 10 years, how do you think P&G consumers have changes?

I believe that consumer motivations have not drastically changed in the last 10 years. What has changed however is their environment – the world that they live in, and the expectations that are set for them in this increasingly more dynamic world. With this, they seek products that go beyond functional benefits but truly connect with them emotionally. Gone are the days that communication between the brand and the consumer is one way – this is now an era of truly making meaningful connections and a conversation with consumers who are increasingly more demanding & discerning. They also look for brands that have a purpose that they can relate to – only when a brand can deliver both functional and emotional connection do brands have a right to be in their shopping basket.

Marketing Interactive: How has your marketing changed over the years?

I believe the fundamentals of marketing have not changed – specifically on the importance of understanding your brand’s business challenges, the consumer’s key trial barriers and developing a strong communication message Strategy that busts that barrier to drive trial. What has changed however is the “How”- specifically on how we can make that message resonate with a consumer that is both much more discerning, demanding and continuously exposed to so much more propositions than ever before. We have evolved from the digital landscape being a “hobby” to a necessity – specifically being able to develop communication that resonates with an ever elusive consumer.

Marketing Interactive: What do you look for when looking to appoint an agency?

I believe that that the brands we work on are entrusted to us. With that in mind, I aspire to leave brands stronger and healthier that when I take them on. In most cases, we usually handle brands that have a strong heritage, history and equity.
I look for agencies that can drive meaningful relevance for each brand.

I look for agencies that can make the next generation of trialists/consumers connect with a brand that would almost always be decades older. This fine balance of one foot grounded in the brand’s history and equity and one foot forward to connect with the next generation is a challenging feat – and once I find an agency that’s able to make that balance, I truly believe we can make that connection.

Marketing Interactive: What are you looking for in the submissions of agencies in this award?

I am looking for two specific things across all the submissions of agencies. The first one is Truly Local Insights at the heart of their marketing campaign – i.e. Does the campaign showcase a deep understanding of the consumer that unlocks ideas that will make him or her say “You truly get me!” (or “Gue Banget!”)?

Second, is the execution truly irresistible? Has the brand made a connection with consumers in a way that they can’t help themselves but try? Having both has always delivered not only business but also equity growth for the brands I have worked with. And I believe that these are key to sustainable business growth for brands that will last well beyond us. So I look forward to seeing these in the entries!