AnyMind Group secures US$8 million funding, launches influencer management network

AI solutions provider AnyMind Group has raised US$8 million of its Series B Plus financing, bringing the company's Series B total to US$21.4 million. In addition to hitting this target, the company has launched a new Asian influencer network.

New investors for AnyMind include Thailand’s leading offline-to-online solutions provider VGI Global Media Plc  (VGI) and Japanese financial services company Tokyo Century Corporation.

As part of the investment, AnyMind Group will enter a joint venture with VGI, named VGI AnyMind Technology to integrate digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising technology with VGI-owned out-of-home (OOH) advertising spaces in Thailand. The digital advertising spaces include digital signage on train platforms, transportation, buildings, streets, and digital billboards, along with future OOH advertising inventory partnerships, covering up to 40 million audiences.

Viewers will be able to view personalised advertising as mounted cameras - placed together with digital signage - can determine gender, age group and location, allowing for advertisements and content to be matched, optimised, and shown to the most relevant audience segments.

Other than the expansion into DOOH advertising, the funds will also be used for potential acquisitions in the advertising, influencer marketing, and human resource industries, and acceleration of talent and product growth.

The latest move is the next step of AnyMind Group's subsidiary AdAsia Holdings’ pilot DOOH advertising project with East Japan Railway Company, that launched in December 2018. It provides a DOOH solution to serve advertising through digital billboards in train stations and measure the effectiveness of ads through actual view rate and reactions. Advertisers and marketers will be able to purchase DOOH and connected advertising inventory through the AdAsia digital platform for advertisers.

“The joint venture with AnyMind Group will provide us with the opportunity to connect our digital billboards with market-leading optimisation technology in Asia. AnyMind Group’s AdAsia digital platform and its advertising technology will simultaneously be integrated into VGI’s digital inventories and bridged with Rabbit’s data, allowing us to offer a fully-integrated solution through the sales and marketing funnel," said Nelson Leung, CEO of VGI.

Apart from financing, AnyMind Group has also acquired Thai multi-channel network Moindy from television content producer and provider TV Thunder. After the acquisition, AnyMind Group will house the Moindy brand under its CastingAsia portfolio.

To strengthen influencer management business, AnyMind Group has launched CastingAsia Creators Network in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia, with subsequent expansions into all other CastingAsia-operated markets within the year, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

CastingAsia will have more than 35,500 macro and micro influencers in 17 markets, with a combined reach of 180 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LINE and Twitter.

CastingAsia Creators Network will offer influencers and content creators with resources and support across channel monitoring and optimisation, production and studio support, content direction consultation, and access to the CastingAsia Creators Academy, which are workshops designed to provide content creators with best practices across content strategy, audience engagement, and platform optimisation.

Marketers will be able to leverage the CastingAsia platform to find influencers matching their campaigns and needs. The platform supports the management of influencers, communication, and extensive campaign reporting. It contains fraud detection and brand safety levers that utilise historical and real-time campaign and account data, offering transparency between marketers and influencers.

“Having already developed an end-to-end influencer marketing platform that connects brands with influencers, our acquisition of Moindy provides us with expertise into building influencer networks and talent management, and the launch of the CastingAsia Creators Network enables us to provide Asia and beyond with an extremely comprehensive influencer marketing solution,” said Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group.