AnyMind Group launches DOOH offerings in Tokyo's Haneda Airport

AnyMind Group has strengthened its DOOH ad offerings in Tokyo's Haneda Airport by adding digital signboards. 

In collaboration with All Nippon Airways Trading, a subsidiary of Japanese airline All Nippon Airways, AnyMind Group has added digital signboards in Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport. These digital signboards are situated along moving walkways, walkways in the airport concourse and near waiting areas.

The new DOOH system includes a camera above a digital signboard that leverages computer vision. By analysing human traffic, the system can will gain insights on ad viewability and non-personally identifiable audience data for gender, age and expression attributes.

This information is used to alternate and deliver ads, as well as measure advertising effectiveness, providing more relevant ads based on audience demographics.

"Through our span of businesses and products, we are now moving closer towards a more seamless way of bridging offline to online advertising, and provide users with more valuable content," said Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group.

According to the company, videos recorded by the camera will not be transferred to the storage server, and only text-based attributes are processed to protect the privacy of passers-by.

“We are excited to implement our technology in one of the world’s best airports. Having developed our DOOH business in Southeast Asia, we are now ready to scale this technology into Japan and other markets around the world," Sogo said. 

AnyMind Group has a significant presence throughout Asia. In Hong Kong, they partnered with XGD Media to install interactive LED billboards on the exteriors of commercial buildings with a monthly footfall of more than 2.2 million. The group has also partnered with VGI in Thailand for digital signboards in train stations, residential and commercial buildings and on the streets; and Really Singapore for digital signboards in residential buildings.

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