Another COVID-19 song: Mediacorp shines ‘The Light’ on its audience

As part of the national effort in combatting COVID-19, Mediacorp has unveiled a song titled “The Light“. The media conglomerate said it aims to rally Singaporeans through this song and cheer on all frontline staff.

In its Facebook post, Mediacorp said the song was put together as a reminder to members of public that this too can be overcome together. Written by Chinese singing reality competition SPOP champion Jarrell Huang and The Celebrity Agency artiste JJ Neo, the song also features other celebrities including Daryl-Ann, Desmond Tan, Fang Rong, Felicia Chin, James Seah, Liwani Izzati, Richie Koh and Sharon Shobana, with additional shout-outs from fellow Singaporeans.


In a statement to Marketing, a Mediacorp spokesperson said music is a universal language, and the media organisation aims to connect all Singaporeans through a positive song.

“‘The Light‘ is specially produced by Mediacorp to thank Singapore’s frontline heroes fighting COVID-19. As Singapore’s national media network, we hope that our efforts can rally fellow Singaporeans in joining us to cheer them on, and together, we can be stronger. Since its launch last Friday, the song has been made available on all our platforms. It can be heard at meLISTEN,” the spokesperson added.

Just last week, unveiled a song titled Together, we can to thank all unsung heroes who have been working day and night to battle the outbreak, as well as those who volunteered their time to spread kindness and compassion. Conceptualised by Tribal Worldwide Singapore, the music video begins with “when COVID-19 hit our shores, Singaporeans banded together.”

The spot features NS servicemen volunteering, hospital staff taking protective measures, companies implementing business continuity plans, food delivered to those quarantined or on leave of absence, janitors and taxi drivers adding more frequency into cleaning public spaces and car seats, among others.

This came shortly after Ministry of Education (MOE) released a song to combat coronavirus and stay protected. Titled “Bye Bye Virus”, the spot features five “soaperhero” mascots and students from Teck Whye Primary School. The Soaper 5 – Wipe up Wilson, Super soaper Soffy, Virus screener Varun, Hands down Hana, Mask up Mei Mei – were unveiled as part of MOE’s measures in encouraging students to keep hygienic.

The song starts off with , “Wanna know how to beat the virus? Follow these simple steps”, and reminds all to wash hands with soap, not to touch their faces, wear a mask and consult a doctor if they are unwell, as well as to wipe down seats to ensure the place is clean for the next person.

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