Anlene makes stage debut Cantonese opera style live commercial

Fonterra’s Anlene has partnered with Ming Chee Sing Cantonese Opera Troupe (鳴芝聲劇團)  and launched the first ever live commercial break at Sunbeam Theatre, as to give opera amateurs a platform to share their passion and hard work, and bring out the message of “live life without limits” in a local and brand relevant manner.

Created by Sunny Idea, the campaign featured opera amateurs to live the “we are more” brand spirit, to overcome their fear, and to put on a large-scale show to a full house for the first time to tell a tale of Anlene’s brand and products, utilising all the classic opera techniques.

Anlene leveraged Cantonese opera to bring out its new positioning and platform that see the brand evolve from just being a bone expert to a proponent that celebrates "we are more" and the people that push themselves further.

Cantonese opera is a traditional art form that remains underappreciated despite a gradual increase in public awareness; and the strength and discipline it takes to train in aspects such as dance, martial arts, and acrobatics on a physical and mental level ties with Anlene's key benefit of strengthening bone, joint, and muscle health.

"We want to light a fire in people - motivate them, challenge them, inspire them. If one person can be more, then so can others. Sunbeam Theatre also served as the perfect touch point as a majority of the audience enjoying Cantonese opera are our core targets," said Ida Mak, group account director at Sunny Idea Hong Kong.

"Articulating ‘we are more’ through advertising was just one part of the equation, and by continuing the launch effort in September through an experiential activation like the live commercial break at Sunbeam Theatre, we complete the formula by taking action and building an authentic connection with our audience,” said Brucemond Chan, associate marketing director at Fonterra Hong Kong.

“This experience is key when it comes to promoting our products organically, solidifying our brand image, and demonstrating that we truly live the words in our slogan," Chan added.

A complete consumer journey is essential to any strategic campaign. A booth was set up at Sunbeam Theatre for interested participants to try and purchase Anlene products on the spot, while promoters distributed free samples and explained information to those who are interested to know more.

“Fresh off watching the live commercial and invigorated by the spectacle, audience members were more inclined to learn about the products and make purchases, and they filled the booth during the break to drive phenomenal business results,” Yvonne Lam, marketing manager of Anlene at Fonterra Hong Kong concluded.



Client: Fonterra Hong Kong Limited
Creative Agency: Sunny Idea HK Limited
PR Agency: The Puzzle Marketing and PR Limited