UPDATE: Wong steps down as Starcom GM

Deputy GMs Margaret Ho and Shirley Lau have been tasked to helm StarcomMediavest Hong Kong, following the departure of general manager Andrew Wong.

Wong, who took on the role of general manager at in January this year, stepped down from the role last Friday 8 November.

He joined the agency in 2010 as deputy general manager of digital, where he grew the business by more than twofold and diversified digital offerings to mobile app development, social management and digital content creation.

He was appointed GM in late January with Shirley Lau and Margaret Ho both taking on the role of deputy general managers and members of the core management team.

Wong's next move is not known, but he told Marketing he will likely resurface towards the end of the year.

"It's been an amazing three years at StarcomMediavest," he said. "I wish the team all the best."

The agency has confirmed both Ho and Lau have been tasked to collaboratively helm StarcomMediavest Hong Kong.

Having been with the company for over 15 years each, this is a natural progression for these two SMG media veterans, the agency said in an email.

"Their combined and diverse experience, coupled with their solid relationship with the staff, will put them in good position to lead SMG Hong Kong."