Andreas Vogiatzakis takes on president role with MSA

Media Specialists Association (MSA), has appointed Andreas Vogiatzakis, CEO of Omnicom Media Group Malaysia, as president of the Media Specialists Association.

Vogiatzakisis has had over 25 years of experience in the the media industry with a career spanning several countries and continents. He has been working in Asia since 1997, and has served as CEO of Omnicom Media Group Malaysia since 2006 and as a council member of MSA since then.

Vogiatzakisis said “In this journey, I know well that the effort and the outcome is a collective responsibility.  The MSA President is only a reflection and a representation of the collective MSA council and all MSA members. Both success and responsibility are shouldered by all – our industry's success is a collective effort."

He added that the industry stands at the crossroads, with several challenges such as audience fragmentation, talent shortage, intense price  squeezes and demands, a slowly recovering economy, a low consumer sentiment, a new currency in the market, just to name a few.

"And for these reasons, this is precisely the time when MSA has a critical role to play in order to formulate a future forward vision and adopt values and actions that will move the Malaysian media industry forward and elevate it to an ever greater ground," he added.

Also involved in the new council is Wong Pi Yee (vice president/Vivaki), Kagee Chew (treasurer/UM) and Sherene Mak (secretary/Sen Media).