Andreas Vogiatzakis launches new venture AMVplus Advisory

A few months after he stepped down from the CEO role at Star Media Group, Andreas Vogiatzakis has launched his own venture named AMVplus Advisory which focuses on consulting, coaching and training. With Vogiatzakis (pictured) as executive director, his new firm offers programmes in areas such as leadership, brand building, business growth, digital transformation, marketing and leadership for Millennials. A+M has reached out to Vogiatzakis for additional information.

Vogiatzakis led Star Media Group for less than a year after taking on the role in August 2019. During his appointment, the board said it has confidence in his “past performance record and regional experience in the media industry” and looked forward to him implementing transformation plans. Prior to that, he was CEO of Havas Media Malaysia for three years, and also served as CEO of OMD Malaysia for close to 10 years. He has also worked across numerous media agencies is Asia, including Starcom in Japan and Mindshare Taiwan. 

When he left Star Media Group, Vogiatzakis said, "I will also be forever indebted to all my direct reports and the management team for becoming partners in this journey, and for making my time in Star Media Group for the last nine months meaningful, insightful, memorable and a tremendous learning experience."

Throughout his career, Vogiatzakis has served on several industry boards, as president of Media Specialist Association and treasurer of Malaysian Digital Association, and the board of directors of the European Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia. He also served at several University Industry Advisory Boards for Taylors, INTI, UTAR, PJCAD, and Monash.

Vogiatzakis previously told A+M in an interview that regardless of the role you hold, the entire agency ecosystem is facing similar challenges. "Everybody is chasing revenue, and clients are naturally trying to adjust their strategies to save money," he explained. Vogiatzakis added that everyone wants more bang for their buck, as they are looking for a much better ROI and in most cases, the ROI needs to be sales driven. As such, media owners and agencies must thoroughly understand the platforms and media landscape of today to be more relevant, and give clients the ability to get to where they want.