Amobee offers more mobile insights

Amobee has updated its Amobee Platform with the addition of Amobee LTV which enables advertisers, publishers and app developers to gain insights into mobile app customer bases.

Amobee LTV aims to get detailed insights on mobile app users and directly engage and re-engage app users to increase ROI. The platform provides a user-friendly, holistic view of what users are doing with multiple apps. It also has the ability to segment audiences and generate a lifetime value score for each app or customer segment.

Engagement tools for in-app text and rich-media push notifications are also integrated into the platform.

“We built this platform to help companies create strong relationships with customers. With Amobee LTV, marketing executives and app developers can use customer insights to vastly increase the chances of retaining app users, creating fans for a lifetime,” Mark Strecker, president of Amobee said.

For advertisers, the Amobee Platform includes Amobee RTB DSP, an advanced programmatic media buying platform, Amobee 3D, the only 3D immersive mobile ad format in the market, and Amobee LTV, the most comprehensive solution to better understand, engage and retain mobile app users at scale.

For publishers, Amobee offers Amobee RTB Exchange, a leading-edge programmatic ad revenue platform that connects supply to the world’s leading demand sources, Amobee 3D SDK, which allows publishers to run Amobee 3D ads to achieve the highest ROI per impression, and Amobee LTV, which allows mobile app publishers and developers to increase user loyalty, and maximise revenue potential.