Amobee promises to hand you cash back in the event of ad fraud

Amobee, a global digital marketing technology company serving brands and agencies, is launching the Amobee Inventory Accountability Program. It is a brand safety offering that ensures marketers have access to a safe, transparent buying ecosystem with the highest quality inventory to more effectively reach target consumers.

Amobee’s brand safety and fraud prevention solution leverages an early detection system using advanced technology and partnership integrations to prevent fraud from reaching the Amobee platform and ensures Amobee DSP customers have access to the highest quality programmatic inventory. In addition, Amobee is among the first DSPs to block fraudulent mobile apps as part of the platform-wide offering.

More than 15 Amobee exchange partners, including OpenX, Telaria and Index Exchange, have joined the Amobee Inventory Accountability Program and have agreed to extend their own anti-fraud program—preferably through an MRC-accredited vendor—and provide a level of fraud accountability, including issuing refunds, which exposure for brands and agencies alike.

To further protect clients, Amobee is offering a refund program in the event fraud—invalid traffic, bot fraud and / or site fraud—does occur. Following the determination by an MRC-accredited vendor that fraud has occurred, Amobee will refund its tech fees for affected campaigns as well as any media fees Amobee recoups from its supply partners for fraudulent impressions on the affected campaigns.

“Brand safety and ensuring fraud prevention are two of the biggest challenges facing marketers today,” said Katie Ford, Amobee’s chief client officer.

“This long-term, advanced brand safety initiative ensures Amobee is able to align brand and agency clients with the highest quality inventory to support campaign objectives by delivering ads that are in view and seen by a real audience in a brand safe environment. Our industry-leading technology and partnership with DoubleVerify helps eliminate fraud before it reaches our platform and equips clients with pre-bid brand safety, contextual targeting and protection in the fight against fraud.”

In addition to its robust brand safety offering, Amobee is also participating in the IAB Tech Labs ads.txt initiative to help mitigate inventory fraud concerns and allow marketers to focus on creating compelling campaigns that resonate with their target audiences.

In support of the ads.txt initiative, Amobee is committed to cleaning the supply chain and blocking unauthorised and counterfeit inventory made available through non-certified sellers in order to promote a safe and transparent buying ecosystem. Amobee’s global fraud prevention offering includes the following:

  • Platform-wide fraud blocking in partnership with DoubleVerify to identify and eliminate any bid opportunities that are classified as bot, site or mobile app fraud before reaching the platform
  • Patent-pending diagnostic tool built by Amobee to identify and automatically block suspicious activity created by very short-lived bots
  • Post-Bid Monitoring across 90+ metrics at both high and granular levels
  • Inventory targeting tools that can be applied at the individual campaign level target curated supply, including the ability activate premium publisher deals and guaranteed buys
  • Rigorous brand safety tools provide the ability to block fake, inflammatory, objectionable or off-brand content
  • Anti-fraud certification programs including Trustworthy Accountability Group for both piracy and fraud
  • Participation in industry initiatives including the IAB Tech Labs ads.txt program to identify and block unauthorised and counterfeit inventory made available through various sellers of supply