Amobee launches new offering as Robert Woolfrey steps in as SVP

Amobee has named Robert Woolfrey as senior vice-president. Woolfrey will a play a key role in driving the company’s continued international growth.Along with his appointment Amobee also announced the launch of Amobee Triggers, a solution providing marketers the ability to target and deliver digital campaigns at key consumer mindset moments.

Woolfrey was formerly regional head, APAC, for Verizon/AOL owned advertising firm Millennial Media, and set up the company’s Asia operations in 2011. Prior to Millennial Media, Woolfrey led sales for inMobi across Southeast Asia and has been a native of Singapore for more than a decade.

“We believe the future of engaging with connected audiences across any channel and device, will be led by access to the best data, leveraging powerful creative and new ad formats,” said Amobee CEO Mark Strecker. “Airbnb, Hooq and OCBC are among the clients that run digital marketing campaigns on Amobee’s technology platform.

Meanwhile, powered by the company’s Brand Intelligence platform, Amobee Triggers enables brands to activate media around the moments that matter most to consumers. Amobee Brand Intelligence analyses over 60 billion digital content engagements daily across the web, social, mobile and video to identify, monitor, and trigger digital campaigns based on real time trending topics of interest for consumers at times that will best drive engagement and performance.

Amobee Triggers is a solution that is set to help enables marketers to automate targeting of programmatic advertising based on consumer mindset.  Brands can launch and pause their digital advertising in real time based on data and insight signals from the Amobee Brand Intelligence, its proprietary technology, and activate media from Amobee’s cross-channel and cross device unified platform. Amobee’s technology brings together the science of understanding and the art of activation, enabling marketers to engage consumers when it matters most, when they are in the right moment and right mindset.

Amobee Brand Intelligence Triggers are based typically on digital content consumption levels of topics relevant to the advertiser.

“By analysing such data, we see times where consumers are specifically indicating that there is an increased interest or relevance. It is at those times, a brand’s message will be most impactful, and therefore when they want to be running media.  The opposite is also true, where we see times where consumers are specifically indicating that there is a decrease in interest or relevance, that is a time the brand should not be running media,” said Woolfrey.

Rather than making assumptions about what topics are relevant to a brand, prior to launching a campaign, Amobee Brand Intelligence can be used to identify topics with strong correlations to business KPIs (online site traffic, purchases or conversions, or foot traffic in brick and mortar stores), he explained.

“We look for instances when digital consumption of a particular topics increases, it is mirrored by an increase in online conversions for instance with a high correlation score. As a result we’re able to identify the key topics to activate and target media around,” he added. Once the topics that strongly correlate to business KPI’s have been selected, a threshold for activation and deactivation of media is established. These thresholds correspond to how frequently the advertiser wants to be in market, as well as their campaign objective.

In general the thresholds are based on a 7 or 30-day moving average of total media consumption for a particular topic. The activation point is simply any time consumption is above the average and the deactivation point is simply any time consumption is below the average.

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