AmEx launches heritage campaign for its 90th anniversary

American Express (AmEx) is showcasing its brand legacy through a year-long heritage themed 90th anniversary celebration. In conjunction, it has also launched its latest initiative - the Member Since App.

The app allows card members to key in the year they had their AmEx card and in return, they will get a fun fact about Singapore or American Express and a digital 'Member Since' badge for that year. This can then be shared on Facebook. For each share, AmEx is donating 50 cents (in recognition of Singapore’s 50th birthday, up to a total of S$50,000) to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

Non-card members can also pledge their support through the app, and their social shares and tweets with the hashtag #AMEX90SG. This will be counted in the final tally. AmEx has already pledged SG$25,000 to the cause to kick off the support. The app is fashioned after the one launched by American Express US in 2013 but was given a local touch through the incorporation of Singapore related facts for each year.

AmEx also coordinated an online flash mob, with 236 supporters simultaneously sharing messages on their Facebook and Twitter profiles. It claims to have achieved a combined reach of close to 110,000. The campaign has also utilised print media for its anniversary campaign, following the theme of heritage with a 10-part series in which card holders reflect on local heritage in articles featured in The Sunday Times.