American Express creates points rush

American Express has launched Point Rush, the company's latest initiative to promote its Rewards Cards programme.

Rewards Cards allows cardmembers to choose their Favourite 5 places to shop, dine and spend and rewards them with 50% more bonus points each time they spend at these favourite places.

The Mobile Agency behind the Point Rush campaign is Monterosa Singapore.

Users need to download the ‘Points Rush' iPhone App and compete in the game by checking the game map for their GPS location and watching out for other competitors in pursuit of game points.

As part of the campaign America Express is giving away a million Membership Rewards points and other attractive prizes.

"The Points Rush challenge is an excellent way to offer first-hand experience to simulate how easy it is to accumulate Membership Rewards points as you charge all your spend on the Rewards Card," Yoshimi Nakajima, Singapore country manager for American Express, said.

Monterosa founder Carl Norberg, said: "Traditional mass communication is often an ineffective means to reaching many target groups. When people know they are in for an awesome ride - a live adventure that they themselves take part in - not only does it create brand loyalty - it creates brand addiction."