Amazon Web Services opens IoT Lab in Shenzhen

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced it will open an AWS IoT Lab in Shenzhen.

The lab is designed to help customers accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) application design and deployment by offering qualified hardware and software solutions built by AWS Partner Network (APN) partners.

The AWS IoT Lab is staffed with cross-domain engineers and solution architects with IoT expertise, using the entire suite of more than 165 AWS services, to assist APN partners and customers on projects that range from hardware qualification to application development, testing, and deployment of end-to-end solutions.

The AWS IoT Lab will work with APN partners on hardware pre-qualification, providing expertise that takes full advantage of the AWS IoT community to create a catalogue of market-ready IoT components and solutions.

"IoT experts are working with APN partners that produce devices to accelerate device integration within AWS IoT services. With the expanded catalogue of AWS qualified devices, our IoT team is helping APN partners focus on creating strategic proof-of-concept prototypes and solutions that help our customers quickly deploy IoT solutions to their businesses," Dirk Didascalou, vice president of AWS IoT said.

As customers are now demanding faster delivery of solutions, the lab will also explore architecture design, evaluate concepts, provide guidance on best practices, and help identify the best technologies from a complex ecosystem of IoT building blocks to create prototypes.

On March 7, 2019, AWS launched its first AWS IoT Lab in the region in Taipei, Taiwan. Speaking of the reason for building the latest lab in Shenzhen, Didascalou explained, "In order to continue to help our customers solve critical business problems, we have launched AWS IoT Lab at the centre of the world’s device manufacturing hub in China."