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Amazon ventures into feature film production

Amazon has ramped up its efforts in film production with a new unit, Amazon Original Movies.

The new unit aims to produce almost a dozen movies every year, with production starting later this year, said Roy Price, VP of Amazon Studios.

The creative development of Amazon Original Movies will be led by its head of production, independent film-maker Ted Hope.

Hope had co-founded production company Good Machine, the production masterminds behind the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The new unit represents the Internet giant’s venture into feature film production four years after it created Amazon Studios, which crowd-sources ideas for films and scripts.  Amazon Studios reads and reviews scripts submitted by Internet users and originators of chosen film ideas added to its Development Slate are given seed funding to actually produce their movies.

In the past, Amazon Studios has produced episodic series such as series for children and dramatic comedies.

Films produced by Amazon Original Movies will hit Amazon’s online streaming service Prime Instant Video in the US four to eight weeks after they premiere in theatres.  This is much shorter compared to the typical 39 to 52 weeks that movies take to debut on subscription video services after theatrical release.

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