Amazon gets slammed for racist ad promoting Chinese traditional outfit

Amazon UK has pulled two Chinese traditional outfit costumes from its site, after the pictures featuring white children posing with slant eyed gestures drew criticism from consumers. According to multiple media reports including MetroNew Zealand Herald and Mirror, Amazon neither explained why those products were on sale, nor did it apologise.

Facebook user Lily Ladlow posted a picture of the racist ad last Thursday, demanding Amazon to "explain the thought process" behind the product photo. The user added that she is "dismayed at this level of marketing" and that Amazon is encouraging casual racism.

She also said that as a large company, Amazon "really ought to know better". In a separate post on Amazon UK's Facebook page, Ladlow described the photo as "unacceptable".

"Please congratulate the marketing team for happily playing into casual racism by displaying racist photos like this," she said.

A quick check by Marketing found that while the products are no longer available on Amazon, one controversial picture from the series is still available. In a statement to Marketing, Amazon's spokesperson confirmed that the products have been removed and declined to comment further.

Other users have also taken to Amazon UK's Facebook page to voice their disbelief, with some saying they were disappointed.

This comes shortly after H&M apologised for an image on its UK online store featuring a black child in a green hoodie, with the phrase “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” printed on the hoodie.

It copped flak for the loaded term, as the monkey is often being used in racial and ethnic slurs, especially against the black community. As a result, American singer The Weeknd and American rapper G-Eazy cut ties with the brand. Meanwhile, celebrities including basketball star LeBron James and veteran music producer Sean Combs (known as Diddy) also called out the brand.

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