Allianz Malaysia rallies public to catch irresponsible drivers

Allianz Malaysia is rallying together the Malaysian public to catch irresponsible drivers in the act.

The insurance company has launched a campaign called Malaysians Against Irresponsible Drivers (MyAID) through which it aims to “change driving behaviour and make roads safer”. In a press statement, Allianz Malaysia said that MyAID is a “nationwide movement which seeks to mobilise Malaysians to keep a watch on irresponsible drivers.”

Allianz Malaysia added that the MyAID movement is said a far-reaching campaign which uses social media to create public awareness. The integrated campaign will be rolled out in many phases throughout the year, with the first phase being launched yesterday.

Employees at Allianz Malaysia were greeted with a bubble-wrapped car at the foyer of company headquarters in Plaza Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. The stunt emphasised the message that people do not need to go to such extremes to protect their car, as long as they do their part to join the movement to stop irresponsible drivers. Allianz Malaysia employees were then encouraged to download the MyAID app on their smartphones.

“The MyAID app helps to capture irresponsible drivers in action with the phone’s video camera. Uniquely, it is able to record an incident even if it has passed. A simple tap of the screen captures the past 30 seconds of an incident automatically, with an option to continue recording by tapping the dedicated record button,” said Zakri Khir, CEO of Allianz Malaysia.

The MyAID app saves videos onto a driver’s smartphone so that they can then upload it to the MyAID channel on youtube. Other MyAID users will be encouraged to share these videos to bring irresponsible driving behaviour to the nation’s attention.

At the media launch today, four videos were previewed to those present. Take a look:

“Irresponsible drivers are out there and it’s time that we stood up to them with the MyAID movement. The purpose of this movement is simple. To make Malaysian roads safer so that all of us can reach our destination safely,” said Zakri Khir, CEO of Allianz Malaysia.

Advertising + Marketing has reached out to Allianz Malaysia for more details on the campaign.