Allianz Indonesia CMO on its 3 key ingredients for moving the CX needle

Consumers' behaviours and habits are constantly evolving and marketers face the challenge of keeping up with understanding their target audiences' needs and wants. CMO of Allianz Indonesia, Karin Zulkarnaen (pictured), said customer experience metrics are very important for companies to introduce a customer-centric culture. "At Allianz Indonesia, our marketing strategy can be summarised in three words: growth, quality and experience. Its simplicity is very powerful in helping all employees to understand and remember," she told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE.

She explained that it is important to read customer sentiments from various touchpoints, as their comments indicate whether brands have the right processes, and what changes are needed. Allianz Indonesia, for example, recently implemented a new system where these metrics can be measured in real-time, allowing the brand to get immediate feedback on current transactions.

At the same time, the pandemic also brought about significant changes to customer behaviour and preferences. Customers are now glued to their gadgets, so a mobile presence is an absolute must for marketers, Zulkarnaen said. According to her, many Indonesians prefer to engage in online activities even after the pandemic. Taking this into consideration, the insurer launched Allianz eAZy Cover last year to allow customers to buy insurance face to face digitally. 

The Allianz eAZy Cover allows customers to learn about and purchase insurance protection without having to meet physically, and is part of Allianz’s digital innovations to help customers obtain the protection and insurance services needed despite the implementation of large scale social restrictions and physical distancing during COVID-19. The growing focus on digital in Indonesia is also in line with a Magna report done earlier this year which said that digital ad sales in Indonesia will increase by +20% to reach 43% of total budgets, approximately IDR 47.0 trillion. According to Magna, much of the growth is driven by mobile device spending (+28% to 64% of total digital budgets).

By format, growth is led by social (+26%), search (+17%), and video (+27%). The report added that by 2025, digital advertising will have continued to gain share and will represent 53% of total budgets, surpassing the spending of linear media formats. Aside from adapting to customer behaviours and engaging consumers on digital, Zulkarnaen also highlighted the shift towards more sustainable service options such as paperless options.

She joined the financial services company in 2010 as head of central sales support, and currently leads customer-related programs, product development, brand, communications and corporate responsibilities as the brand's CMO. When asked why she chose marketing as a career, she explained that marketing is a future-facing field involving understanding the customers and customer behaviour, communication with various stakeholders to drive the business. "I love the dynamics, the well-balanced views between people, data, technology and process to come up with innovative ideas to drive growth," she added.

Zulkarnaen will also be speaking at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's upcoming Digital Marketing Asia conference on customer experience metrics and how data analytics is a “game changer” in digital marketing. She believes that customer behaviour can be measured and, to some extent, can be predicted. “With help from data analytics, offers from marketers can be analysed and made more effective. Data allows us to understand the customer on a deeper level as there are always new insights to explore, new experiments to run, and new trends to observe,” she added.

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