HK start-up Pantheon Lab launches AI-powered video creator

Hong Kong-based start-up Pantheon has launched a text-to-video creator which allows users to produce video content through simple controls.

The creator, AIVO, aims to help businesses with little experience to produce engaging content through uploading an article, a blog Facebook post, a press release or a text document.

With its advanced AI-engine, AIVO is capable of analysing keywords and ideas, selecting high-quality footage and images from curated sources, and splicing them together into a video, complete with captions adapted from the source text.

AIVO can also suggest the duration of a scene based on the amount of text in each section, ensuring a smooth, yet natural flow of the video. 

“Our technology empowers content providers, marketers, and SMEs to produce social videos within minutes in a cost-effective way. You focus on the story and the narrative, AIVO does the heavy lifting,” said Christina Tse, chief operating officer of Pantheon Lab.

While users can customise the videos with brand colours, logos and music, AIVO has also partnered with Reuters and Getty Images, allowing users to source multiple images and videos from these two platforms. 

“Pantheon Lab’s technology, along with our industry-leading content and expertise, will allow users to deliver engaging visual content more easily and faster to get the cut-through they need in a competitive online landscape,” said Nick Unsworth, vice-president of business development at Getty Images.

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