AirAsia's 'Hot Heads' travel series with VICE showcases spiciest cuisines in India

AirAsia and digital media and broadcasting company VICE have tied up to launch a four-part travel series titled "Hot Heads", as part of a new content partnership to encourage travellers to explore some of the world's spiciest regions and cuisines.

The first season of "Hot Heads" sees VICE host Karina Utomo heading to India to try out the chicken 65 in Chennai and ghost pepper momo in Bengaluru. The show will also tour diverse locations within AirAsia's India network, including Hyderabad and Jaipur.

In a statement to A+M, VICE's spokesperson said the company is creating more content in the Asia Pacific region as it ramps up activity across this market. AirAsia is an airline in the area with a similar youth-focused audience and India is a key for the airline this year. The spokesperson added that there is a desire to expand the series into other countries off the back of the launch of "Hot Heads" in India.

Rudy Khaw, AirAsia Group's head of branding, described VICE as the "perfect partner" for the airline to showcase India as an exciting destination for Millennials. "Using food as the driver, the unique series challenges the host Karina to step outside her comfort zone and explore the diverse sights and sounds of India," Khaw added.

“Hot Heads is a travel series informed by quantifiable insights drawn from VICE owned data around what's currently driving young people's destination consideration set: culinary adventurism and local experiences, combined with a little bit of schadenfreude," business development director of brand partnerships VICE Australia, Cain Collins, said.

Check out the first episode here: