AirAsia X offers “Quiet Zone”

Following Malaysia Airlines’ decision last year to make its business and first class on the A380 “child-free” zone, AirAsia X has introduced the “Quiet Zone” on all its long-haul flights across China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, Nepal.

The “Quiet Zone” is reserved for the first seven economy class rows (row 7-14), immediately after the premium cabin, and is exclusively for guests who are above age 12.

The “Quiet Zone” cabin features a new ambiance with soft lighting, offering a more relaxing cabin atmosphere, to ensure a more pleasant journey for our guests.

AirAsia X’s chief executive officer, Azran Osman-Rani clarified that the airline is not banning children from travelling. Instead, the move is aimed to enhance the offerings on board to suit its guests’ different needs and preference.

“We also offer three infant bassinets in the other two larger economy cabin sections to cater for families with young children. Hence, offering a fair choice for our guests,” he added.

Guests who are interested in travelling in the “Quiet Zone” cabin may choose the pick-a-seat option during the booking process within the “Quiet Zone” cabin area, with no extra charge except for the standard pick-a-seat fee.

Guests who are below 12 years of age will not be able to book and select a seat in the “Quiet Zone” as part of this new product enhancement.

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