AirAsia gets SG consumers thinking about 'quickies' in new brand campaign

AirAsia has launched a new brand campaign in Singapore to “inspire” Singaporeans to get more quickies in and pursue their work-life balance aspirations - by indulging in more frequent, re-invigorating short holiday getaways.  The campaign will run for three months

Dubbed ‘AirAsia Holiday Quickies’, the campaign is created by the airline’s local creative agency, The Teeth  in partnership with W Communications. According to the press statement, the airline is set to turn up the heat for 2019 by promoting short but fulfilling, pulse-raising, endorphin-boosting quick getaways, turning Singaporeans work-life balance aspirations into a reality.

The campaign highlights how ‘quickies’ can be staged according to travellers’ passion points, including ‘Food Quickies’, ‘Shopping Quickies’ and ‘Beach Quickies’. Rudy Khaw, group head of branding at AirAsia said the airline wanted to disrupt the current deals that saturated the low cost category.

“We went back to the drawing board starting with our core DNA: innovative, bold, fun; steering away from the expected category cues. AirAsia Holiday Quickies doesn’t talk about planes, air stewardesses or destinations to keep the focus on the service itself as an enabler for consumers,” he said.

Khaw added that everybody needs a break at times and AirAsia wanted to show it was possible to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Singapore, even if it is for just a weekend. The airline hopes the campaign will inspire people to take the time to carve out new, memorable experiences for themselves, he said.

According to Nuno Lemos, creative partner at The Teeth, the leading thought for the campaign evolved from the brand’s DNA. “AirAsia pioneered affordable air travel in Asia and since then innovation has been constant, established on an ambition to add value to its products and services.  Yet despite the successful ‘low cost’ appellation, value does not only lie in price. To communicate the product in a way that would resonate with consumers beyond value for money, we looked more deeply into how AirAsia’s offering can truly add value to people’s lives. That’s when we realised Singaporeans’ frustrations when it comes to work-life balance, and a lack of awareness for the options available to relieve this,” he said.

Hilary Davies, managing director at W Communications Singapore, added: “Because of the strong consumer tension that runs at the core of Holiday Quickies – demand for greater work-life balance set against a deep-rooted reluctance to get away for short breaks – we’ve developed an intensive influencer and media programme grounded in insight-based storytelling, re-framing consumer mindsets around indulging in quick getaways from Singapore.”

To kick off the campaign, AirAsia is putting 1.9 million promo seats up for grabs with satisfying deals, including promotional all-in members fares.