Bad time for AirAsia to get competitive with MAS?

Budget carrier AirAsia has received flak for an article on its in-flight magazine Travel 3Sixty.

Under its Training & Preparation section was an article written with the phrase: “Pilot training in AirAsia is continuous and very thorough. Rest assured that your captain is well prepared to ensure your plane will never get lost. Have a safe flight.”


This comes shortly after the tragedy faced by Malaysian Airline’s missing flight MH370 and as search for answers continue.

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The Travel 3Sixty magazine has been since removed from all its flights.

Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, AirAsia executive chairman and publisher of Travel 3Sixty magazine has since apologised for the article. Meranun added that the magazine has addressed the issue and has “improved its editorial approval process to ensure this does not happen in the future and ensure that all content in the magazine is consistent with its brand values.”

He explained that the section is a monthly column on aviation was written by Captain Lim Khoy Hing, a retired pilot who formally worked with AirAsia as well as Malaysia Airlines.

As a monthly contributor,  Lim had prepared all of his articles months in advance before the magazine goes to print.

"Unintentionally and regrettably, the current issue carry [sic] an article that discuss about GPS and Radar, which was printed a month before its issue date,” said Meranun.

He added that a disciplinary action will be taken to the editorial team as well.