Air Wick gives in-depth answers about Chinese Zodiac signs

As the Year of the Pig approaches, Air Wick has introduced two limited edition fragrances called, Cherry Blossom and Tangerine Blossom. The products are launched as part of its new campaign both in Singapore and Malaysia.

The campaign will run until 10 February 2019. Speaking to Marketing, an Air Wick spokesperson said that the campaign will run fully on social in both Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, the brand has tapped on influencers to market the products. While in Malaysia, the brand is banking on traditional advertising such as newspaper and magazine ads. Both the creative and media buying was handled by Actstitude agency.

The brand hopes the spend will drive traffic to its e-commerce side as well as increase product sales through this campaign. In addition, the brand also collaborated with Feng Shui master Jessie Lee. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in tarot card reading in Singapore, as well as audiences in UK, Australia, US and Hong Kong.

Lee has released videos on Feng Shui tips on Air Wick's YouTube channel. She also reads out how each zodiac will fare this year. Cherry Blossom is aimed to represent the promise of spring and the renewal of life, while Tangerine Blossom looks to represent wealth and is a symbol of good luck.

“After spending hours spring cleaning and decorating your house, having Air Wick Cherry Blossom or Tangerine Blossom would surely spark the festive mood. This is surely a good way to usher luck into our lives for the New Year,” Eric Lim, Reckitt Benckiser, maker of Air Wick product's marketing manager said.

“Cherry Blossom symbolises spring and a lot of positive energy that creates strength and attractions for us to have a new start and also to break through the old patterns and restrictions in life. And when we're surrounded in the refreshing sense of Tangerine Blossom, it will boost up positive energy and cleanse the household,” Lee added.