Aiken Digital joins Digital Marketing Asia 2020 as title sponsor

Technology has drastically altered the way we work, live and play. Companies across the world scramble to get on with their digital transformation and marketers have been hitting their digital marketing playbook hard. While many countries are pushing on with their 5G implementation and some martech giants are working towards XaaS and increasing their development and leverage on AI and machine learning – the world has gone crazy with the new normal.

Now, more than ever, companies have realised the essential need to be able to put their products and services on digital platforms and be able to engage with customers effectively within a virtual space. Traditional brick and mortar businesses that have little or no online presence nor digital marketing and communications enablers have experienced a rude shock in the face of COVID-19.

Marketing agencies across Asia have been busy working with brands to help them deliver business growth while continuing to engage customers both online and through in-store POS using tech, data, creativity and in some cases – AI.

15 years ago, a China marketing agency was conceived - Aiken Digital. Since then, Aiken has set up its presence in New York, Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore. Aiken Digital is a proud title sponsor of Digital Marketing Asia 2020.

CEO and founder Andrew Tong, a Shanghainese and an alumnus from the New York University with a masters in business analytics explains, “We are a digital consultancy with a duo personality. Equal parts design and build, connected by a deep understanding of digital strategy.”

When asked what gives Aiken its competitive advantage, Andrew elaborates that Aiken’s understanding of both Chinese and Western technologies, shopper insights and culture allows them to help brands connect with both the Chinese and Western markets effectively.

Aiken’s clear focus on stimulating growth for their clients and partners through the marriage of technology, creativity and data has won them appointments from the likes of Bvlgari, Mastercard and Changi Airport Singapore, to name a few. With a dedicated AI R&D team across Singapore and China, they are finding brand new applications for automation and machine learning to achieve their clients’ growth objectives.

In an earlier interview by Marketing this year, Tong shared his observation that within the marketing space, there is a vast difference in AI technology adoption rates from brands. He said: “Some see AI as a threat while others see its potential value. Our belief is that in the challenging post COVID-19 world, any opportunity for technology to help a business evolve their marketing capabilities should be embraced with open arms. We're here to help them find the most effective way to harness those opportunities.”

Join us on a three-week journey at Digital Marketing Asia 2020 as we delve into the realm of digital transformation, data and analytics, and mobile and eCommerce from 10 to 26 November. Sign up here!