AIA Malaysia gets on board the Cartoon Network

Insurance provider AIA Malaysia has teamed up with broadcast network Turner Asia Pacific to create the Cartoon Network Move it Movement – presented by AIA Vitality.

The Cartoon Network Move it Movement – presented by AIA Vitality will include games of both mental and physical skill, on-the spot health check-ups, food and nutrition quizzes, and meet-and-greet sessions with Cartoon Network’s world-famous characters such as Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls.

The event will also help find ways of integrating more physical activity into the daily lives of Malaysians – both young and old. A microsite to promote the event has also been created.

The initiative is a wellness campaign that centres around an event for the whole family in Kuala Lumpur on December 9-11. According to a statement from AIA, two-thirds of children in Southeast Asia regularly enjoy watching cartoons together with their parents.

“In the same way, Malaysia’s younger generation usually knows more about their parents’ health than their parents think they do, with kids able to positively change their family’s lifestyle. This campaign is intended to be platform to help kick-start this process,” it said.

Thomas Wong, chief marketing officer of AIA, said, “We are excited about this collaboration with Turner and Cartoon Network to drive awareness on the importance of health and fitness in Malaysia. As a leading insurer in Malaysia, we are committed to putting ‘life’ at the heart of life insurance. To do this, we will play a more active role in empowering and enabling our customers and the community to take better care of their health. This campaign is a fun way for us to reach out to families and inspire them to make positive, sustainable changes to their lifestyle that will translate to better health.”

Phil Nelson, Turner’s managing director of Southeast Asia, said, “Cartoon Network is the perfect partner for AIA to introduce kids to a conversation around health, fitness and lifestyle, where they can play a key role in influencing the entire family’s well-being. We can use the power of the Cartoon Network brand to inspire kids and parents to make healthy choices and build healthy habits together. Turner’s creative team has a wealth of experience partnering with progressive, innovative brands that recognize the tremendous influence of kids on all aspects of family life and parent decision making.”