After STB, LEGO next to poke fun at Samsung's foldable smartphone

LEGO has poked fun at Samsung's new foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold. In a Twitter post, the toy company featured LEGO bricks formed into a Galaxy Fold model.  The post read, "A stunning 5-inch cover display unfolds into an 11-inch pop-up story book. For endless creative play that never runs out of battery."

In a statement to Marketing, Primus Nair, creative lead for The Lego Agency, said that from a marketing perspective, LEGO has always maintained a voice that is current and socially relevant. He added that with its diverse portfolio, there’s always an opportunity for the team to be playful in the way it connects its products with current topics.

Created by The Lego Agency team in Singapore, the ad originally ran in Singapore and Malaysia, before being shared globally.

Netizens applauded LEGO's swipe at Samsung. Here are some of the candid comments:

One other brand that jumped on the Samsung galaxy fold smartphone launch was Singapore Tourism Board (STB). STB also had its share of fun at the launch of Samsung’s new foldable smartphone last week where it likened it to a childhood snack, the ice cream wrapped with bread, calling it the “Ice Cream Fold”, which costs SG$1.

The post read, “Taste good no matter how you fold it. Behold #VisitSingapore’s ice cream sandwich. #GalaxyFold”. In a statement to Marketing, Terrence Voon, director of digital and content over at STB said that its key marketing strategy is connecting with fans, through storytelling.