Aegis Media brings RTB tools to China

Aegis Media has expanded its global digital media trading desk Amnet to China, offering real-time bidding to help improve digital investments.

Based in Shanghai, the newly formed trading desk Amnet China fuses demand-side-platform (DSP) technology with Amnet's own insight tools to offer targeted, audience-specific digital media.

The trading desk is currently operating with digital display, mobile and video, but is expecting further expansion as "real-time trading becomes the norm".

"The launch of Amnet in China is one of the key strategic investments for Aegis Media," said KF Lee, CEO of Aegis Media China.

He said the move aims to provide clients with real-time advertising capabilities so they can "truly engage their targeted customers to improve their integrated marketing effectiveness.

Lawrence Wan (pictured), managing director of Amnet China also added the move reflects its drive to deliver true audience buying efficiency as the country evolves into a data-driven advertising environment.

"Since May this year, Amnet China has been working with clients and successfully integrated RTB services into their communication strategy".

He added that Amnet has collaborated with leading DSP and media partners such as Baidu on numerous data-driven display technologies to maximize value for clients.

Amnet is now running in 12 countries in the globe including Europe, US, Canada, Australia and now China with roll out plans across the Aegis Media Group globally.