A+E Networks celebrates personal heritage with in-house 'Vikings' video

A+E Networks has unveiled a Facebook video to show appreciation for fans of its HISTORY channel TV show Vikings and celebrate the heritage of individuals.

The objective was to increase engagement and raise brand awareness of Vikings, as well as spark laughter among viewers. The video, which garnered over 6.8 million views, 127k reactions, 48,282 shares and 16k comments at the time of writing, was part of a campaign that included TV, out-of-home, digital and experiential executions. The campaign will run for six weeks and was conceptualised and produced in-house by A+E Networks.

In the video, the male protagonist named John Rockson eagerly runs to check his mailbox, hoping to receive a copy of the results from his DNA test. Upon seeing it was empty, he shuts the mailbox dejectedly. This continues a few times, with Rockson rushing to the mailbox in anticipation only to find it empty, causing him to either sigh or curse in frustration each time. One day, Rockson checks the mailbox as usual only to find an envelope inside, just when he least expected it.

In a statement to Marketing, A+E Networks' spokesperson said it leveraged social insights and found that Vikings reviewers were very curious about their personal heritage. They expressed interest in purchasing DNA kits to confirm their Vikings lineage, which sparked the video idea.

"The creative hook was: What if an average Joe 'Dad' found out he was less than 1% Viking, but fully embraced it as a lifestyle?" the spokesperson said.

As a fan of the show, I have always wondered (in my wildest dreams) if I was secretly a Viking. But who am I kidding? I am probably 100% Asian.