Adzymic partners Allegiant Media to set up shop in Australia

Singapore-based ad-tech company Adzymic has tied up with Allegiant Media to make its creative and content solutions platform available in Australia. In this partnership, Allegiant Media will oversee sales outreach, contracting and customer support, and product development. Incorporated in 2017, Adzymic’s aims to help brands and agencies simplify their creative management process and improve display advertising performance.

Kenniess Wong, co-founder and executive director at Adzymic, said that according to a recent report published by PwC, display advertising reached US$3.3bn in 2018 in Australia, and contributes to 37% of total online advertising spend in the country.

“I believe Adzymic is well positioned to drive efficiency and effectiveness in display and video advertising and our solution will deliver great outcomes to brands and their agencies in the Australian market,” he added.

“In Adzymic, we have a suite of creative tools that redefine the inventory marketing and native content space. Our clients benefit from state-of-the-art dynamic creative tools which integrate seamlessly with Adzymic’s existing media buying and optimisation arrangements. Initial responses to this innovative approach have been great and we look forward to developing our partnership with Adzymic,” said Luke Bussell, managing director of Allegiant Media.