Adsfactor offers free audience metrics for new online TV service

The emerging field of TV and online ads has been given a boost.

Adsfactor, Part of Pixel Media group, has launched Adsfactor.TV, targeting a growing number of people who watch video online.

The service will include an online video network of pre-roll and in-banner video advertising on partners sites such as DailyMotion,, One Media Group, South China Media, Singtao Group, 101greatgoals and

Adsfactor may not be the first to bridge TV and online ads, but the kicker in the deal is a a collaboration with comScore to bring a more rigorous approach to audience metrics, which will be available to advertisers and agencies from this month.

The network has leveraged comScore’s Validated Campaign Essentials (VCE) metrics through its video offering to enable advertisers to measure online TV campaigns using iGRP against campaign goals and intended target audience.

Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixel Media, said the new platform is expected to reach approximately 1.1 million unique users and exceed 30 million video plays a month.

He said Adsfactor will cover the VCE reports fees for advertisers whose video impressions exceeded 2 million.

Advertisers that have already launched with Adsfactor.TV include Mars Inc., Ultima II, Line, Samsung, FedEx, Tiger Balm, Now TV, Caltex and FWD Insurance, the first client who just launches today a pre-roll video of its 30 second TV commercial embedded with rich media options.

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“Our partnership with comScore to bring vCE to our video platform helps advertisers measure their online TV campaigns meaningfully and more importantly advertisers now have a common currency for measurement across traditional and online TV.

“We believe that this will grow the market for online video as measurement becomes increasingly mature and meets advertisers needs,” he said.

Huang said the network offers users a choice to pass the first 15 seconds in 60 seconds ads, but the online space is a "commercial world" where ads are inevitable.

The recent HK2A’s 2014 Ad Spend Report showed advertisers view digital marketing as an effective tool and will shift more budget to online channels.

The survey said around 81% of advertisers intend to increase their budgets for online TV making it the second largest growth platform next to mobile.

“Adsfactor.TV’s launch is timely and at a time when advertisers are increasingly seeking complementary channels to their traditional TV buys,” said Henry Yeung, Business Director of, Adsfactor.TV inventory partners.

“We see online video as a new and fast growing trend for our business both from viewership and monetization perspective,” he added.