Ads on mobile apps grab the most eyeballs

For advertisers who’ve been unsure of whether your investments are making a dent in the mobile space, fret not (well, at least not that much).

According to a recent joint study done by Google and IpsosCT, 90% of users notice mobile ads their small screens: 50% of people are aware of them in their apps, 41% on their web pages and 32% on the search engines they use.

Currently, Hong Kongers also boast the second highest number of apps downloaded on their phones, losing only by one to Koreans, who average 40 mobile apps per person.

As for ROI, said head of sales of Google Hong Kong Stella Cheung (pictured), 83% of users would follow up with a product or service they see on their mobiles, if not make a purchase on their desktop computer (51%), at a retail shop (47%), or directly on the phone (43%) afterwards.

The reason for the relatively low percentage for m-commerce compared to the other two platforms, said Cheung, stems from the geographical convenience in Hong Kong as well as a preference to make purchasing decisions on a larger screen.

“Mobile phone screens are still pretty small compared to a desktop, so they’re really not the most convenient screen for Hong Kongers to make money-related decisions,” she said, adding that multi-screen and cross-media is the new norm for mobile advertisers.